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Save Money on Travel, Post-Coronavirus

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Maybe you saw this: Sicily announced in late-April that it will pay half your flight costs and one-third of your hotel costs if you visit the Italian island once the corona crisis passes and the island reopens to travelers. The Visit Sicily tourism board will also pay for your tickets to local museums and whatnot. It’s the island’s way of trying to rebuild the local tourism industry devastated by a near-total collapse of travel worldwide. And it hints at a great way to save money on travel one the pandemic passes.

I am a global traveler and damn if this virus isn’t an ass-pain for those of us jonesing to exercise our passports. I’ve spent my days holed up in my apartment in Prague mapping out trips I want to take when the all-clear finally sounds: Cape Town with a side trip into Namibia. Morocco. Definitely Oman. Back to Uruguay (to begin my pursuit of Uruguayan residency). The Philippines. Albania and Georgia to research and report on those countries’ respective one-year visa programs.

And Sicily.

Save Money On travel to Wherever You want to Go

Southern Italy has long been on my list of places to visit, so I’ve now bookmarked the Visit Sicily page in my browser and I will apply for a voucher as soon as Italy reopens its borders to travel (and as soon as the Czech Republic does the same).

And that gets us to an interesting strategy to begin employing now, while the coronavirus still has countries and borders on lockdown.

Once the virus abates and travel fires up again, countries, regions, hotels, airlines, tour guides, and the like are probably going to inundate the world with travel deals to encourage us to fly, visit, and stay for a while. That is going to be a great way to save money on travel.

But how to keep tabs on all of those offers that will assuredly pop up?

Sign Up and Follow To Learn about Travel Deals

Well, do what I’m doing: Sign up for email alerts or follow the social-media feed of tourism boards, airlines, and your favorite hotel chains. That way, as countries and travel providers begin launching promotions, you’ll be among the first to know.

I’m not signing up everywhere, willy nilly; I certainly don’t want my inbox swamped with uselessness. Instead, I am being strategic about this. I am focused singularly on the places I want to visit, the airlines I want to fly, and the hotel I want to stay in. I am targeting my interests.

It’s a bit of work, for sure. But if I can secure hellacious bargains – savings I can parlay into more travel – then the effort is worth it.

Tourism boards, airlines, and hotels usually have pages devoted to press releases and, sometimes, a sign-up function. If not, then reach out through the “contact” link and ask to be added to whatever email list they maintain.

Easier is following a tourism board, a hotel, or an airline on social media. These days, almost all of them have social media accounts.

Not every country or travel provider will offer to cover some of your post-corona travel costs as Sicily is promising. But some will. And that’s going to make jumping on the big ol’ jet airliner (Steve Miller Band reference) so much more satisfying.

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