Welcome to Digital Roamad.  I built this site to help people like you pursue their dreams of earning an e-income from home, or affording their life while living and working abroad and experiencing the world. Read on to begin mapping your path toward that new life…

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Define Your Vision

When you think about the work-and-travel life that you want, what does it look like? There are two basic approaches to this lifestyle:

  1. Pick a place to live and work, then roam widely from there.
  2. Have no home, but work while moving from place to place.

Neither approach is better or worse.  It’s personal preference based on what makes you happiest in this lifestyle. But each does have separate pros and cons you have to weigh for yourself before you make your move to become a Digital Roamad. 

Where Will You Go?

Being a Digital Roamad isn’t necessarily about relocating to some foreign country. You can just as easily achieve a Roamadic life living where you currently live.

Digital Roamading is about what I call a “sovereign” income stream, meaning you’re in control of your income potential, rather than you remaining reliant on the whims of a traditional employer. The upshot here is that you can create this sovereign income stream wherever – from Prague to Poughkeepsie to Phuket. 

You just have to determine where it is that you want to live and pursue your own Digital Roamadic lifestyle.

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Map the Logistics

How will this process unfold for you? You can’t just up and leave for some random country on a whim. That’s brilliant for short getaways on a moment’s notice, but not so much when you’re trying to build a new life and a new lifestyle.

Putting a plan in place first will go a long way toward your success. Among the questions to ask yourself:

What are the visa requirements? What’s the cost of living? Do you have jobs already lined up, or enough cash to support yourself for several months while you get established? Where will I immediately live? And what do I need to bring with me?

How Will You Earn

Money makes the world go ’round, apparently. So what’s your plan for funding your Digital Roamad life? 

Uprooting your existing life demands that you know how you will pay for daily and monthly living expenses. Even those who have squirreled away cash in preparation for a Roamadic life still need to know how they’ll earn money once the savings run dry.

Fortunately, in our Internet age, we have a boundless list of freelance, permanent, and quasi-permanent opportunities to earn income from home, or from the road. It’s what makes our Digital Roamad life possible, but you need to know where your best opportunities lie before hitting the road.

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Prepare Your Finances

Earning money is one thing. But as a Digital Roamad, particular one living and working overseas,  managing money is equally important.

Will you need a bank account overseas? Will you be paid locally, or back in your home country? How ill you access your money quickly and cost-effectively without being ripped off by ATMs and foreign bank fees? Do you know the best credit cards for working and traveling abroad? And what of mobile phones and often-egregious roaming charges?

Answers to these questions will help you stretch your money farther than simply winging in from whatever country you’ve landed in.

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